Have you ever wished you could listen in or eavesdrop on potential customers or clients to find out what they're ranting and raving about, what they're using, not using, doing and saying? Like a phone tap for your target market?

With Startup Sleuth's Market Tap you can tap into, monitor, listen in, and tune in to your target market and potential markets you didn't even know existed! 

What You Get

  • 20 minute investigation session: a breakthrough, brainstorming and exploration session (via phone call) designed to get you started on your sleuthing journey by diagnosing your information needs and pinpointing the information you really need to get started. During the Investigation Session, we'll nail down exactly what kinds of target market information will most benefit your business, your ideas, and your products or services. After the session, you will also receive a written summary of what we discussed along with a research and information strategy designed to address your needs. 
  • A detailed profile and analysis of your target market based on my research and findings. 
  • A "greatest hits" compilation of real problems, complaints, reviews, praise, and solutions direct from your target market. 
  • An overview of your competition as revealed by the Market Tap investigation. 
  • Basic demographic stats, data, and facts about your target market from published, trusted, and authoritative sources such as industry reports, market studies, and censuses. 
  • A customized and personalized plan for future research and investigation including tips on how to implement the information in your Market Tap. 


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Market Tap Monitors, Listens In and Tunes In to:

  • Social media
  • Communities, forums, and groups
  • Published market research surveys, polls, and studies
  • Blogs
  • Review sites
  • and so many other places your customers are hanging out

What Market Tap Isn't

  • Market Tap isn't primary market research, such as phone surveys, focus groups, or user testing. Instead, Market Tap is your glimpse into what your potential market is publicly doing and saying online and in other places. It's secondary research, observation, monitoring, and analysis. 

How to Get Started

  • Click the BOOK NOW button to be taken to Satori app. Sign up is super easy and quick.
  • Pick a date and time for your 20 minute Investigation Session.
  • Agree to the terms.
  • Pay via Paypal (either upfront fee of $355 or in 2 payments of $177.50. The first payment is due at time of booking, and the next is due 1 month later.)
  • Next, you'll be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire. This questionnaire is really important and helps make sure we can create the best possible research strategy for your needs. 

Librarian + Entrepreneur = Information Entrepreneur

When you work with me, you get the experience, understanding, and support of a fellow entrepreneur combined with the power of the world’s best search engine: a librarian.

After Your Market Tap You Will:

  • Have a clearer picture of your target market.
  • Gain clarity on who or what your true competition might be. Hint: it's probably not who or what you think!
  • Be ready to tackle any primary market research you might need now that you have a focus and the knowledge you need.
  • Be able to create highly targeted, relevant content, products, and services you know your target market wants and needs.
  • Be able to write a business plan or pitch deck that'll seal the deal.


How Much Will It Really Cost To Work With You?

The Quick Start package is $355. That's all you will ever have to pay. There are no surprise, hidden fees at the end. Ever.

If you decide you'd like to add on additional products or services (like buying guides, slide decks, or competitor profiles), then I will invoice you for the additional services and products. 

How Long Will This Take?

Turn around time is usually around 2 weeks. Bear in mind that all of my work is customized to your needs and requirements. I’m not in the business of selling you pre-packaged, recycled information and reports. The work I do for you is for you only. Bespoke research like this takes time.  I only take on 5 Market Tap clients at a time to ensure I have adequate time and resources to dedicate to each individual project. And if you work with me, I'll always keep you up-to-date on my progress for the duration of the project.

What If You Don't Find Anything?

While I can’t make any promises or guarantees about what I will or will not find, it’s very, very rare to come up completely empty.

Also, bear in mind that sometimes no answer is an answer. Sometimes it’s not what you find, it’s what you don’t find. Lack of information can be just as telling as a plethora of information.

I will never, ever say “Hey, didn’t find anything. Have a good day!” I’ll always analyze our results and give suggestions for further inquiry and exploration. In most cases, alternative information can be provided. I’ll never leave you empty handed or with a one word answer.

The one promise I can make is that the information I provide to you is as valuable to me as it is to you. 


Get the Market Tap package for just $355

Only 2 spaces available

Book now and secure a spot!