Startup Sleuth's Excuse-Busting Solutions to Help You Figure Things Out, Get a Clue & Start Building Something Smart

I can't start because...

  • I don't know who my target customers are

  • I'm always worrying about my competition

  • I'm not sure there's room in the market for me

  • I don't have a good way to showcase my expertise

  • I have no idea what my unique value proposition is or what to do to stand out in a crowd

  • I don't know where to start


Excuses are holding you back. 

You have a great idea for a product or a service, but you haven't started anything yet. You've barely even taken the first step. Or maybe you've started a business but have let it grow stagnant by putting off launching new products. Every day is another excuse, and lately you've realized that a lot of your excuses are rooted in lack of knowing. Lack of information. Lack of that one little fact or stat that you're positive will change everything and finally give you that kick you need to get up and get started.

The good news is that all it takes to bust these excuses is a little diligent sleuthing.

If you're holding back because you don't know who your target market is or because you lose sleep at night worrying about your competitors or because you can't keep up with new trends and developments, this excuse-busting guide is for you.


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