Research is one of the biggest, most powerful investments you’ll ever make towards the success of your ideas, your business, your products, your services, and your creations. But all the research in the world is useless if you don’t know what questions to ask or how to take that information and make it actionable. If you’re finding, and finding and never acting, you’re only procrastinating.

Startup Sleuth information consulting and advising takes care of the research you need, finds the answers you’re seeking, and delivers you insights you can immediately take action upon.

Want to know what kinds of questions I’ve answered for startups and entrepreneurs?

Take a look at this list, you’re sure to find something you’ve asked, wondered, or worried about.

  • Can you give us an overview of all the laws that govern crowdfunding?
  • Can you find examples of church marketing strategies?
  • How many ebooks did indie publishers sell in the United States between 2010-2014?
  • Who is the director of sales for Company XYZ?
  • What risks are the smartphone industry facing?
  • Can you send us a copy of the complaint from the recent lawsuit against Company XYZ’s CEO?
  • How many doctors are there within 25 miles of Los Angeles? Can you breakdown by specialization?
  • Can you put together a market map of the telemedicine industry?
  • Can you find the top influencers in field XYZ I should be following?
  • What are my top competitors doing on social media? Is it working?
  • What is the market share of Company XYZ in the pet products industry?
  • Can you put together a list of startup conferences within driving distance of NYC that are looking for speakers?
  • I heard luxury beard grooming kits are a hot market right now, is this true?
  • How do programmer salaries in the US compare to countries in Asia and Europe?
  • How popular is the Scala programming language?
  • Can you give us an overview of any recent developments or trends in the health mobile app space?
  • Who are Company XYZ’s main competitors?
  • Can you send us a bi-monthly digest of news articles on Company XYZ?
  • Who are Company XYZ’s clients?
  • What are the best practices for conducting a needs assessment of a congregation?
  • What is the background of executive X?
  • How many bagel shops are there in Akron, Ohio?
  • Has anyone tried this idea before? Did they fail?
  • What are some of the hypotheses on why the Bitcoin price dropped?
  • I’m relocating to Phoenix, AZ- what’s it like to do business there?
  • What are my competitors doing that I’m not doing?
  • Company XYZ laid off 40 people last year, where are the former employees working now?
  • How much money has the film industry lost to piracy?
  • Can you put together a buying guide for the newest, made in USA cribs?
  • What countries have the largest number of newly wealthy people?
  • Who are the experts in my field? What are their backgrounds?
  • Can you give us a complete profile of Company XYZ?

When You Work With Me:

  • You will finally get the answers you need to build something smart and solve the mysteries that are holding you back.
  • I will connect the dots, follow the clues, and sleuth it out for you so you can finally get up, get moving, and get started on building your dream.
  • You will be able to spend more time on the things you love doing to build your business and less time on research.

After You Work With Me:

  • You’ll know your decisions are backed by sound research and evidence.
  • You’ll be able to keep up with new trends in your industry or space.
  • You’ll be able to keep up with your competitors.
  • You’ll impress potential investors with your domain knowledge and industry awareness.

Librarian + Entrepreneur = Information Entrepreneur

When you work with me, you get the experience, understanding, and support of a fellow entrepreneur combined with the power of the world’s best search engine: a librarian!


How To Get Started:

  • Click the Get Started button. You’ll be taken to a Responster questionnaire. Don’t worry, I’m the only one who will ever see your responses. Your privacy is important to me.
  • Fill out the form and tell me as much as possible about your project and research needs. The more information you give me, the better! The more details I have, the better I can understand your problem and craft an appropriate research strategy.
  • After you submit the form, you’ll receive an email from me within 24 hours. I’ll probably have a few follow-up questions for you, so be prepared!
  • Once we have the details hashed out, I’ll send you a project proposal. The proposal will cover the project budget, terms and scope, estimated turn-around time and describe the deliverables you’ll be receiving when my work is complete. I’ll always make sure we’re on the same page when it comes to your project.
  • After you approve the proposal and we get payment squared away, I’ll get to work!
  • Turn-around time is usually a few days, but I’ll always stay in touch during the research process to keep you up to date on progress and anticipated delivery.



Who Do You Work With?


  • compiling background research for business plans
  • identifying competitors
  • analyzing industry reports and opportunities
  • identifying potential investors


  • analyzing industry risks
  • drawing market maps
  • monitoring competitors
  • preparing customer demographic reports

Small and Micro Businesses

  • monitoring news coverage
  • highlighting potential marketing opportunities
  • writing vendor comparison reports and reviews

Venture Capitalists and Investors

  • identifying potential investment opportunities
  • preparing company profiles and market overviews
  • summarizing recent funding developments


  • creating contact lists
  • writing background research reports
  • summarizing and synthesizing recent research or news coverage
  • creating presentation slide decks on industry topics


  • providing supporting research and information
  • finding and curating information
  • researching and fact-checking articles and blog posts
  • creating buying guides

What Do I Get?

All of my work is customized to your needs and requirements. I'm not in the business of selling you pre-packaged, recycled information and reports. I understand that you want more than just a list of links or unattributed data. I know you don't want pages and pages of text without any context or analysis. I specialize in delivering actionable insights. 

Here is just a sampling of the types of information and insights I can deliver:

Business & Competitive Intelligence

  • Company, Industry, and Competitor Profiles                  
  • Environment Scans  
  • Market Maps          
  • Salary and Compensation Reports
  • Customer Demographic Reports
  • Executive Profiles           
  • Best Practice Analysis Reports
  • Contact Lists
  • Fundraising Reports
  • People Searches

Subject Research

  • Factsheets
  • Buying Guides
  • Topic and Subject Research Digests
  • Research Reports          
  • Slide Decks and Presentations   
  • Newsletters

Literature Searches and Reviews

  • Research Guides 
  • Bibliographies

Current Awareness and Monitoring

  • News Digests
  • Topic Monitoring Reports
  • News Monitoring and Clipping
  • Website Monitoring
  • Content Curation

Consulting Services

  • Research Training
  • Project Support

Can't I Just Google/Pay Someone $5/Have My Neighbor's Nephew Do It For Free?

Well, you could. But $5 researchers don't have access to the resources I have access to. Google can't analyze and synthesize and prioritize info like I can. Your neighbor's nephew doesn't know anything about turning info into actionable insights.

You don't have a "good enough" business, idea, product, or service, so why would you rely on "good enough" research?

If you hire me to find out what the risks are in your industry, I'm not just plugging "YOUR INDUSTRY + RISKS" into Google. I'm looking at annual reports and 10-Ks, analysts forecasts, news coverage for trending topics, reports on tangential and related industries. I'm listening to social media. I'm scouring the deep and invisible web. I'm looking behind paywalls and in databases that aren't indexed or reachable by Google or any other search engine. And when I'm done with that? I won't just dump it all into a document for you to wade through. I'll analyze and summarize and give you a final product that you can actually use. I don't just regurgitate links and facts or recycle someone else's research.

I have access to resources that provide information and insights that Google can't touch. As a former librarian turned info entrepreneur, I have the experience, expertise, and training to find the information you need quickly and to turn that information around into valuable, shareable, and actionable analyses and reports.

How Much Will It Cost To Work With You?

Projects start at just $80.

Research is an investment into the future of your business, not something you can simply add to a shopping cart. Each project I work on is customized to your specific needs. I start from scratch on every project I work on. The final project deliverable is handcrafted and never prepackaged or recycled content. No two projects are the same.

We’ll work together to create the best possible strategy and plan that addresses your information needs and works within your budget. The project fee will be clearly stated and agreed upon before I begin any work, and there will never be any additional surprise fees at the end

What If You Don't Find Anything?

While I can’t make any promises or guarantees about what I will or will not find, it’s very, very rare to come up completely empty. Also, bear in mind that sometimes no answer is an answer. Sometimes it’s not what you find, it’s what you don’t find. Lack of information can be just as telling as a plethora of information.

But, rest assures, I will never, ever say “Hey, didn’t find anything. Have a good day!” I’ll always analyze our results and give suggestions for further inquiry and exploration. In most cases, alternative information can be provided. I’ll never leave you empty handed or with a one word answer.

The one promise I can make is that the information I provide to you is as valuable to me as it is to you.