You Are Not Good Enough

Sometimes prospective clients ask me a question along the lines of: “Can’t I just Google/hire a $5 anhour researcher/have my neighbor's computer major son do it for free?” 

Do you know what I respond when I’m asked that? I tell them:

“Well, you could do any of those things. But you’re not good enough.”

Wait, wait, wait… do I actually tell prospective clients that they’re not good enough? You’re probably thinking I have clients running away from me after that, right? Wrong. Because what I’m really telling them is this:

You don’t have a “good enough” business, idea, product, or service, so why would you rely on “good enough” research?

You are not “good enough”. You believe your products, ideas, services, and businesses are the best solutions for the problems you want to solve. You’re not building something great just so customers can say, “Eh, that’ll do. It’s good enough.” So why would you look at something as important as information and say, “Eh, that’ll do. It’s good enough”?

If you value your work you should value the information you build that work upon. Because I guarantee you if the information isn’t worth much to you, it’ll be worth even less to the person you hire to find it. Is that a risk you’re really willing to take?

You’re not “good enough”, so don’t choose “good enough” to get the job done.


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