5 Ways Evernote Can Help You Stay Current and Up To Date In Your Industry, Space, or Niche


Do you need to stay current on a topic, industry, or trend but are overwhelmed with all the information you seem to collect? There are a lot of paid and subscription tools and resources out there that I use and love, but there's one tool that I always turn to when starting a current awareness project for a client: Evernote. It's indispensable, multi-tasking, and for the information hungry entrepreneur on a budget, without the significant investment other tools and solutions require.

Read on for the top 5 ways Evernote can help you when you need to keep up, catch up, and stay current on news, views, and trends. in your industry, niche, or space

1) Send alerts to your Evernote account.

Do you subscribe to an alerting service?  Have the alerts sent to your Evernote email address and the alerts will be automatically sent to Evernote. All your alerts will be in the same place and can be dealt with when you have the time without clogging up your email inbox. 

2) Clip an article, website, wiki page, or social media profile.

Do you need to keep track of a specific article, web page, social media profile, or Wiki entry but don't want to buy or sign up for another piece of software or tool? Clip the page directly into Evernote using the Evernote web clipper. The formatting and any links will be preserved along with the content. This way you have a reference copy to monitor for changes when they appear. Then, you can make note of any changes and clip the new version into Evernote. With Evernote, you can keep and maintain a catalog of past and current versions and revisions, making it each to see how an item you're monitoring has changed over time.

3) Organize articles and links in a searchable database.

What do you with all the articles, images, videos, web links, white papers, and other sources of information you've collection through your current awareness and media monitoring projects? Do you have PDFs and documents strewn across your hard drive and printouts scattered across your desk? Evernote can help you organize all the valuable information your collected and make it easily retrievable for ready reference. With Evernote all your information is searchable and accessible across multiple devices at home, at the office, or on the go. What good is collecting all this information if you can't access it easily when you need it?

4) Share notes and information with your team.

Are you emailing endless lists of links or attached articles and documents to others in your team? Evernote makes sharing with your team and colleagues easy and efficient. Put all of your current awareness materials in a shared notebook and invite your team members to view and add to the notebook. Collaboration with Evernote can make your whole team more informed and work smarter. 

5) Scan or take photos of print resources.

But what about all the print resources you've collected and likely will continue to collect? Do you wish you could integrate your print news clippings with your paperless office system? You can scan the news clippings or other print documents into Evernote or take photos of them with your smartphone. Your print news clipping and media monitoring collection can now be digital and searchable in your Evernote database. 


Even if you use other dedicated monitoring or current awareness tools and solutions, I guarantee you there is a place for Evernote in your workflow. Try out some of the tips above and see what a difference it can make in your efforts to stay informed and keep up with your industry, space, or niche.